What’s On


NENW Presbytery Calendar


1 January                                                               New Year’s Day (Public Holiday)

6 January                                                               Epiphany of the Lord

12 January                Tamworth City               9am Welcome Rev Betty Stroud (Baptism of Jesus)

26 January                                                            Australia Day

27 January                                                            Australia Day Public Holiday

28 January                                                            School Term 1 commences

30 January                Tamworth Southside  9:30am Standing Committee Meeting

7/8 February           Tamworth Southside  9:30am Preaching Workshop with Jeff Aernie

13 February             Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

15 February             Tamworth City               Emmaus Trivia Night

23 February                                                          Transfiguration of Jesus

26 February                                                          Ash Wednesday

28 February             Uralla                                 5pm PRC Meeting

29 February             Uralla                                 9am Presbytery Meeting

29 February             Armidale                          Emmaus Trivia Night

1 March                                                                 First Sunday in Lent

12 March                   Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

14 March                   Gunnedah                       Emmaus Trivia Night

28 March                   Manilla                              PRC Meeting

2 April                         Tamworth Southside  9:30am Standing Committee Meeting

3/4/5 April                                                            National Emmaus Gathering

5 April                                                                     Daylight Savings Ends 2am

5 April                                                                     Palm/Passion Sunday

9 April                                                                     School Term 1 finishes

9 April                                                                     Maundy Thursday

10 April                                                                   Good Friday

12 April                                                                   Easter Sunday

13 April                                                                   Easter Monday Public Holiday

16 April                      Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

25 April                                                                   ANZAC Day Public Holiday

26 April                                                                   School Term 2 commences

8 May                         Narrabri                            PRC Meeting

9 May                         Narrabri                            Presbytery Meeting

9 May                                                                     Emmaus First Training Day

10 May                                                                   Mother’s Day

14 May                       Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

21 May                                                                   Ascension Day

29/30 May                                                            Emmaus Preview Weekend

31 May                                                                   Pentecost Sunday

7 June                                                                     Trinity Sunday

8 June                                                                     Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

11 June                      Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

22 June                                                                  UCA 43rd Anniversary

27 June                                                                  Emmaus Commissioning

27 June                      Manilla                              PRC Meeting

2 July                          Tamworth Southside  9:30am Standing Committee Meeting

3 July                                                                       School Term 2 finishes

9 July                          Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

17 July                                                                    School Term 3 commences

30 July – 2 August                                             Emmaus Walks (men & women)

13 August                 Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

22 August                                                              Emmaus 30yrs Reunion

28 August                 Tamworth City               6pm PRC Meeting

29 August                 Tamworth City               9am Presbytery Meeting & AGM

6 September                                                       Father’s Day

10 September                                                     6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

25 September                                                     School Term 3 finishes

26 September         Manilla                              PRC Meeting

4 October                                                              Daylight Savings Begins 3am

5 October                                                              Labour Day Holiday

8 October                 Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

11 October                                                           School Term 4 commences

22 October               Tamworth Southside  9:30am Standing Committee Meeting

1 November                                                        All Saints Day

7 November                                                        Emmaus Going Fourth

13 November          Gunnedah                       6pm PRC Meeting

14 November          Gunnedah                       9am Presbytery Meeting

11 November                                                      Remembrance Day

12 November          Tamworth City               6pm Emmaus Board Meeting

21 November                                                      Emmaus Karaoke Night

29 November                                                      Advent Wk 1

1 December                                                         World Aids Day

21 December                                                       School Term 4 finishes

25 December                                                       Christmas Day Public Holiday

26 December                                                       Boxing Day

28 December                                                       Boxing Day Public Holiday

31 December                                                       New Year’s Eve


27 February             Quirindi                            Presbytery Meeting

8 May                         Moree                              Presbytery Meeting

28 August                 Armidale                          Presbytery AGM

13 November          Manilla                              Presbyter Meeting

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